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The Fondue Monks play "Texas Funk" with a groove that remains true to their Texas roots. Driven by a dedication that borders on obsession, the Fondue Monks are totally committed to the crowd and married to the beat. Their live performance is a combination of raw energy, emotion and a vibe that is captivating and infectious.

The original lineup has remained unchanged since the band was formed in April of 1991.

Denver Courtney – Lead Vocal
Denver combines a commanding stage presence with a powerful vocal style. His extensive background in theater and passion for poetry enable him to mesmerize an audience with insightful lyrics and a powerful delivery. "Denver is the soulfire of the band. Brought down from the wind and
exhaled like some ass shaking love child of Elvis and Jim Morrison, Scientificly impossible and yet as real as air itself."

Steve Olson – Guitar
Steve is a graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music. In addition to his formal training Steve has 20 years of live performance experience. Steve is a veritable cornucopia of guitar styles. His history includes live performance and studio session work with funk, R&B, rock and countless jazz artists.

Ronnie Zamorano – Drums
Ronnie has a unique style that elevates him high above your average keeper of time. His ability to maintain a rock solid beat is the central element in the funk formula. Ronnie has recently returned from Iraq, where he worked for a private contractor, and has returned to his music with an energy and enthusiasm that enhances his live performance. Ronnie and his brother Rozz lock into a groove that drives the Fondue Monks like a well-oiled machine.

Rozzano Zamorano – Bass Guitar
Rozz received his first bass guitar from his father at the age of twelve and still plays it to this day. Rozz has received countless nominations for best bassist in the Houston Press and won the honor in 2002. An ardent fan was once overheard saying, “Referring to Rozz as just another bass player is like calling the Golden Gate just another bridge”. Rozz plays both acoustic and electric bass with an in your face jaw dropping style that brings the art of bass playing to a new level, moving the bass beyond simply being a rhythm instrument and introducing it as a lead soloist vehicle.